New Name

Expanding Vision

The Anchorage Baptist Temple has changed its name to Mountain City Church.  Senior Pastor Ron Hoffman said, “The church will change its name to match its expanding vision – transforming every Alaskan with the salt, light, and love of Christ.”

Throughout this past year, Pastor Ron has been casting the vision for all the congregants to be Christ-centered world changers starting with reaching their neighbors, Anchorage, and all of Alaska with the Gospel.

We are expanding our influence
in the state through


Light Up Alaska

Tell 4,000 | Invite 12,000 | Partner with 10 Churches


Impact Alaska

Recovery Alaska – Social Programs
Cultural Engagement
Mountain City Christian Academy – Reaching the Next Generation


Mountain City Life

Every person on a team and in a group

Why Change the Name?

We want our name to match our vision. Initially, Anchorage Baptist Temple adequately characterized the mission and influence of our church; however, by God's grace, our church influences so much more than Anchorage and we want our name to match that.

As we strive to reach all of Alaska with the Gospel, we want to remove any obstacles that may prevent us from reaching someone.