Meet Our Staff

Ron Hoffman

Lead Pastor

Cody Anderson

Executive Director of Operations

Don Barnhart

Pastoral Care Coordinator

Chris Carter

Senior director of Spiritual Development

Tom Cobaugh

director of pastoral care

John Cunningham

Director of Next Steps & Gospel Project Alaska

Todd Dean

director of videography

Bryan Dunfee

Prison Ministry coordinator

Brent Dunlap

director of maintenance

Sylvanus Edi

Director of I.T.

Dr. Preston Gagnon

senior director of experiences

Jaclyn Gagnon

senior director of communication

Meghin Lundy

Project Manager

Spencer Moore

Senior Director of Outreach

Dr. Jessica Parker

Superintendent of Mountain City christian Academy

Anthony Purpero

director of students - High School

Isaias Ramos

director of nextgen worship

Jeremy Robinson

Director of AVL

Mark Runkle

Security & Props Coordinator

Andrea Sevcik

Gathering female Coordinator

Bekah Scott

Kids Ministry Coordinator

Jake Sitkowski

Director of Students- Middle School

Tony Smith

director of redemptive ministries

Lou Stoorza

printing coordinator

Shaun Stubbs

director of Finance

Josh Velez

Director of Young Adults

Kevin Whitley

director of worship

Bryan Willis

Director of Facilities

Zach Williams

Director of kids

Alex Woody

Executive Pastor