Gospel Project Alaska

Our Goal: To reach the state of Alaska with the Gospel by 2030

In Pastor Ron’s 2023 vision casting sermon, he announced one of our leading initiatives – Gospel Project Alaska. In this initiative, our goal is to reach all of Alaska with the gospel by 2030. What does that mean? One touch point for every adult in Alaska to hear the gospel message and have a chance to respond. 

How can YOU play a part?

We are so glad you asked because YOU/WE are all the church and it will take ALL of us joining together! One of the most simple ways is to download the BLESS app. Within the app, you can sign up to be a LIGHT in your neighborhood and get prompts to pray, care, and share with your neighbors. This could look like a simple invitation to church, talking to a neighbor when you’re out in your yard, or hosting a neighborhood BBQ. Building relationships, having a presence, and being the salt, light, and love of Christ in your neighborhood is where it begins.

In addition to being a LIGHT in your neighborhood through the app, we also have different campaigns going on throughout the year, so be sure to sign up below and Join our Team to get involved in making this God-sized dream a reality by 2030.

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TO be a LIGHT in your neighborhood

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You're not alone in this! So far, as a church, this is what we've accomplished