Wisdom is what makes the complex simple.

Wisdom is what makes the complex simple.

Why do we ignore the obvious? Ask yourself that question. Why do you miss the obvious? 

What’s missing in our lives when we’re living paycheck to paycheck, have financial struggles, lack common sense, or don’t feel like we understand our spouse? 

Well, it’s obvious. What is it? It’s one word. 


We lack wisdom when our lives seem complex. We run from wisdom. We don’t pursue wisdom. We deny wisdom, and we don’t embrace wisdom. We refuse to listen to wisdom. Most of us only consider wisdom once there are no other options. For many of us, we have yet to entertain or think about wisdom. 

Listen, wisdom is what makes the complex simple. 

I want you to grasp today that I genuinely believe it. Wisdom makes the complex simple. It gives us an abundant life when we’re not experiencing that. It’s where all source of knowledge and truth comes from. 

However, outside of Christ, there is no wisdom. You say, how can you make that statement? Well, let me define wisdom this way, and you’ll understand. Wisdom is the ability to discern and understand the knowledge of God and apply it to your life. 

Want to listen to the sermon behind this post, click here: https://youtu.be/ekjP6JsKQSA 

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