Pray Specific

We should understand that the disciples’ prayer teaches us how to pray. When we look at the rest of the prayers throughout the New Testament, it’s clear that Jesus isn’t saying that the only physical request you can ask for is food, and the sole spiritual request you can ask for is forgiveness. No, we have all kinds of physical and spiritual needs, and our Heavenly Father cares about them. 

1 Peter 5:7 says “Casting all your anxieties on Him because He cares for you.” Whatever you are concerned about, physical or spiritual, take it to God and ask. He cares. So, what does this look like practically? I think it’s really simple.

Just think about what physical and or spiritual needs you or someone you’re praying for has and ask: God, please provide…… and then fill in the blank with a physical need. 

  • God, please provide food for my family. 
  • God, would you please provide a job for me so I can work. 
  • God, would you please provide a home for us. 
  • God, please help my kids in school.
  • God, please give “insert their name” and then fill in the blank with something they need. 

God, please give Jimmy a new church family since they just moved. Help them find a church to get plugged into. 

Many of you don’t see prayers answered because we don’t pray real prayers. We just pray things that you can always escape out of, like “God help them get to and fro.” 

Okay, what does that mean? Are you praying for him to get a bus ticket? Are you praying for him to have an Uber? 

Pray specifically for spiritual requests! You can say…

  • God, give me a spirit of and insert the spiritual quality you lack. 
  • God, please give me a spirit of peace. 
  • God help me have calmness. 
  • God, would you please help me be patient, joyful, etc… 

Now, as I was alluding to, many of us don’t see God answer prayers because we don’t pray specifically and continually.

We don’t pray continually, and we need to keep track of our prayers. I want to make two recommendations for you. These recommendations have benefited me, and please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying I’m perfect. I mess up in my daily prayer time, but when I’m doing well, these two resources help me, and I want to share them with you. 

They are a prayer journal and the PrayerMate App. These are two great things for you to use. Use a prayer journal to keep track of your prayers and the PrayerMate App to help you pray consistently for the people and causes you care about. 

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