Mountain City Kids

Tiny Kids

Infant – 3 years old

At Mountain City Church, we are developing Christ-centered world changers, and in our Tiny Kids ministry we are doing the same – making a BIG deal about following Jesus even to our tiniest members. 

Join our team of

Tiny Kid


make a BIG deal about following Jesus to our Tiniest Members!



Whether you are checking out our church for the first time or have come a time or two before, we hope that you will find a true church family community here at Mountain City. For the parents in our church who call our church “home” and are either members or have been regular attenders for 3+ months, we ask them to partner with us in our ministry three times every twelve weeks. This mutual partnership serves a couple of great purposes. First, it helps us maintain the proper adult to child ratio in all of our rooms, and second, it also gives us a chance to show parents what we are teaching your child and how we simplify the gospel to your 1, 2, or 3 year old.



Our Tiny Kids Crew mainly serves weekly or biweekly and are the lead adult in the room, are familiar with our policies and procedures, and implement them during the service hour.

Core Values

We will be prompt so that our nursery rooms are open on time; because we realize that parents can’t serve in their ministries, grow, or learn if our rooms aren’t open.

We realize that this ministry is not just for little kids, it’s a ministry to the parents as well! We will be kind and listen as parents give us any special instructions for their children or have any questions for us.

We will be intentional each week to teach these little children about the God of the Bible in creative and unconventional ways, because we realize that whoever wants the next generation the most will get them!

We want every parent to feel 100% at ease putting their most prized possessions in our care.