Mountain City Church Kids Camp is a time for kids to get out in nature to unplug, connect with friends, and learn God’s Word. Our team will challenge and come alongside your children with lessons, activities, and opportunities that will intentionally help your children grow their character, their willingness to try, their relationships, and their faith.

This camp is for kids who have completed 2nd - 5th grade!

What Not to Pack

IPod/MP3 Player
Electronic devices or phones
Food…we’ll have plenty
Poor attitude

What to Pack

Sleeping bag and pillow

Swimsuit and Towel

Bathroom stuff (towel, toothbrush, soap, stuff like that)



Extra clothes that can get dirty
(we recommend 8-9 sets of clothes)

Any medication you may need

Great attitude


Yes. Please email Pastor Zach at [email protected] for more information.

We do not allow the kids to bring phones or electronics because camp is a time to unplug for spiritual growth, developing friendships, and trying new and exciting activities. This policy includes the bus ride to and from camp.

Because of our constantly moving schedule, homesickness rarely lasts past the first afternoon. We respond to kids on a case-by-case basis, to best care for them where they are at, but generally the best remedy is the next activity rather than a call home.

Each day is different, but your kids will have a morning and evening Bible lesson, cabin devotions, games, crafts, themed parties, creative competitions, sledding, broomball, 3 meals, snacks, shower time, and a lot of time outside.

Each cabin (small group) will be led by leaders who have been background checked, vetted, trained, and who have prior experience working with kids. They all love God and want to help kids learn to do the same. We also have a nurse who can take care of any medical situations that come up, large or small. Additionally, the camp has a staff that is certified to perform CPR.

While many children are trained to use their own medicine, not all children are trained for other children’s medicine. Therefore, Mountain City Church’s camp policy is that all medicine goes through the nurse, who is available to administer and deliver medicine according to the schedule, day or night.

You can send letters ahead of time to: 858 S. Beaver Lake Rd, Wasilla, AK 99654, or give them to the admin team when you drop off your kids to save on postage.

Unfortunately, for the safety of the kids and the camp it is a closed campus – meaning no unapproved adults may show up.