Mountain City Church


Transforming Through Faith

Often, you might find yourself wrestling with the concept of transformation, feeling a sense of resistance bubbling within your heart. It’s not about altering trivial aspects of your life, like

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Continue coming to Jesus

As children of God, we often find ourselves seeking His divine presence, not in a building or a particular place, but in the person of Jesus Christ. Mr. Kobach once

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Men of the Church

In the spirit of faithful discipleship, let’s delve deeper into what it truly means to be men after God’s own heart. When we discuss the idea of godly men, we

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As Christians, it’s important for us to engage with social and political issues with discernment and a biblical perspective. In Proverbs 2:9, we are reminded that understanding righteousness, justice, and

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Marriage is beautiful

Marriage is a beautiful and sacred institution that has been around for centuries. However, it’s not always a bed of roses, and anyone married can attest that it’s not always

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God’s design

What is the definition of the perfect family? I don’t want you to be offended; I want you to listen because, as Christians, our goal is to be holy like

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