As Christians, it’s important for us to engage with social and political issues with discernment and a biblical perspective. In Proverbs 2:9, we are reminded that understanding righteousness, justice, and equity leads us on the path of goodness. 

However, in today’s culture, we often see the redefinition of terms such as equity and tolerance. While equity used to refer to the fair treatment of individuals, it’s now being twisted to mean equal outcomes rather than equal opportunities. We must use discernment when engaging in conversations with individuals who have different perspectives and ask them to clarify what they mean by certain terms. 

Similarly, tolerance used to mean accepting and respecting different views, even if we disagreed with them. But now, tolerance has been redefined to demand that others affirm our views, or else we will censor or cancel them. This goes against the way God intended us to operate with each other, which is to love and respect our neighbors, even if we disagree with them. 

As Christians, let us strive to understand and uphold true righteousness, justice, and equity, and engage with others in a spirit of love and respect, even when we disagree. 

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